Canvas Prints

When you order a canvas print, everything from the printing itself (Made with Epson Certified Canvas and Ink) to the stretching and framing, is done right here in my studio. (That's me in a terrible, white, wrinkled shirt!!! )

This allows me full quality control over the entire product.

It may cost a bit more since there is no mass production involved, but I am always proud to release every print I create. If you would like to order one simply text or call me @ 403-702-3085. Tell me what print you want to order and ill throw on my white wrinkly shirt and build it for you!! Here are the sizes and prices available:

24 x 32" $550.00

24 x 36" $600.00

32 x 42" $650.00

32 x 48" $700.00  

The following paintings are available for prints:

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